Vita is a series of educational children’s puzzles about sustainable ecosystems. This is a topic I’m very passionate about, so I wanted to create a children’s toy tackling the idea. The concept of each puzzle, explained on the back of each bellyband, is that when the puzzle comes together, you have a functioning, sustainable ecosystem. Each puzzle piece represents an important element within the ocean, savanna, and forest ecosystems that they can’t function without, such as water, sunlight, predators, prey, and decomposers.

The idea for each puzzle was to create a toy that grew with the child. At the youngest age, the child can play with the puzzle pieces and learn the names of each piece. As they get older, they can begin to associate the outlines of each piece on the board with the proper object to build out the puzzle. When they are older yet, they no longer have to rely on the outlines and can simply build the puzzle outside of their box and use the box as a storing device.

Abby Guido